Setting Up Generations

Blog by Ezereve


Ezereve is no ordinary singer/songwriter. Aside from performing live music at events, Ezereve is a regular columnist for her local newspaper 'Northern Valleys News', a 98.5 Sonshine FM blogger and a speaker for special events.

Ezereve is passionate about making a difference through her music and 10% of all bookings are donated to Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre. She is also a World Vision artist and over $40,000 has been raised for charity through her music so far.

Ezereve believes that another way to make a difference is to raise a child that doesn't spend their adult life trying to recover from their childhood! If all parents did this we would pretty much have a perfect world! She has started a Facebook group called 'Setting Up Generations' for Australian mums to support one another.

This inspiring blog ties it all together: Ezereve reveals her musical experiences, like being invited to audition for the X Factor judges, and shares about being a mum of four on a mission to make a difference!

'What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.' -Mother Teresa

Join the discussion in our Facebook group for mums: 'Setting up Generations'