Beauty From Ash's on 96FM Perth

People have been asking me about how I got my daughter Ashleya to be the featured guest on 96FM Perth for a whole week! Well, the truth is, it wasn’t anything to do with me! So the Beauty From Ash's story starts about a year ago when Ash (10) won $1000 for waving a Weet Bix sign at the cricket and decided to start a natural lip balm business with the prize money, donating $2 from each pot sold to raise $1300 for Big Brother Mouse charity publisher that teaches kids in Laos to read. The lip balm is made from The House of Honey beeswax, Spoonbill extra virgin olive oil and pure essential oils, and we’d already been making it at home for years.

The beggining of the Beauty From Ash's story


Beauty From Ash's Launch


One of my hubby’s childhood neighbours, Hayley, had seen my hubby’s Facebook post about Ash’s lip balm launch and happened to be listening to 96FM when Carmen and Fitzi were asking people to call up if they knew a ‘kidpreneur’. So Hayley phoned them and told them about Ash’s lip balm business live on air, and they asked for our details so they could get her on the show! This was a few days before Ashleya’s lip balm launch.


Beauty From Ash's launch


Ash launched her Beauty From Ash’s lip balm the weekend before last at The House of Honey in the Swan Valley, who kindly donated the beeswax ingredient for making for the lip balm, as well as the venue for the launch.


Madi at Beauty From Ash's launch


A lovely group of about 40 people came to support Ash, and we had face painting from Jessica Batten and beautiful live music by award winning songwriter Madi Henry (15). It was lots of fun!




Fun in Radioland on 96FM Perth


Beauty From Ash's live on 96FM


The following week after that felt like a dream. We got up early on Monday morning to visit the 96FM radio station where Ash was going to be one of the special guests for breakfast. It was lots of fun in radio land, and in my opinion MUCH nicer than TV land ;) Carmen and Fitzi were so lovely chatting to Ash live on air about her lip balm business and she gave them samples to try.



Ash then gave her top five kidpreneur tips which they shared on Facebook live from the 96FM Facebook page. After the show Carmen purchased some lip balm from Ash, and Fitzi even bought a pot for his wife :)


Beauty From Ash's lip balm on 96Fm with Carmen and Fitzi


Ash was asked to come back to the studio after school on Wednesday to have a brainstorm and record a radio ad for Beauty From Ash’s. At the brainstorm was Bev, from The Style Trust, a PR specialist who wrote Ash a media release and sent it to all her friends in the media. Ash also got to speak to Taku, who travels the world telling inspirational stories to children all over the globe, and who kindly offered to mentor Ash.


Beauty From Ash's pic by the Style Trust


On Friday morning we were back in the studio at 7am, and luckily my awesome sister Bernardine lives one minute away from 96FM and looked after the other kids for me. So Carmen revealed the radio ad live on air (which you can listen to HERE), and then gave Ash a bunch of prizes including a pop up shop at Belmont Forum on 18th December the week before Christmas, with support from the 96FM Thunders Street Team to bring people to her stall, a mobile phone for making business calls, plus selected stores in Perth were going to stock Ash’s lip balm! Ash was beyond stoked!

Janine Allis from Shark Tank also gave Ash some advice via Twitter. "Advice for success: 20% talent. 80% is never giving up. Go Ash."


Roz from paperdolli VIntage and Beauty From Ash's labels


Weet Bix and Beauty From Ash's


Ash Gets Her Money Back In One Week


Since Ash spent the initial $1000 from Weet Bix on lip balm tins, labels designed by the amazing Roz at Paperdolli Vintage and pure essential oils, Ash has had over $1200 come in to her bank account in her first week of business, from the launch, her Etsy store and stall sales at Money School’s ‘Bunny Money’ book launch! Ash was surprised that the initial $1000 had been replaced so quickly! This is more than what her public and product liability insurance is for the year, made in a week!


Beauty from Ash's at Bunny Money Book Launch


She has already raised hundreds of dollars toward her $1300 target for Big Brother Mouse charity too. So there you have it, if a 10 year old can do something, then so can you! You only live once so if you have that crazy idea, JUST DO IT! You know what will happen if you don’t take action- nothing. So be like 10 year old Ash and just take that leap of faith. Just start! NOW! Who knows where you might end up? ;)


Beauty From Ash's leap of faith