21 Screen Free Holiday Activities for Kids

Kale (8) is a potential screen addict and if we let him, he would be on a screen all day. Being bored isn't necessarily a bad thing for kids. Kale was complaining about how bored he was without a screen on a camping holiday, and when I asked him if there were any holiday activities he was interested in, he said he would like to play chess. So I got creative and made a chess set using shells from a beach in Exmouth, and a bathmat for a board.  

So while the other kids went fishing with dad, I would play shell chess with Kale nearby and we were all happy and connecting together! It all comes down to listening to each child's individual needs and not just assuming you know what they should need or want. Not all kids are in to fishing or other things you would assume kids would like. So screens can easily be replaced with a bit of creativity and human interaction!

Here are some screen free activities our kids loved while we were in the wilderness:

Holiday activities: Climbing trees with dad


Holiday activities: Bird watching- we spotted an eagle


Holiday activities: Playing with someone else's puppy


Holiday activities: Going on a bear hunt- we explored a cave near Jurien Bay


Holiday activities: Creating a 'Crazy Crab Cove' at the beach


Holiday activities: Finding mermaid jewellery at the beach


Holiday activities: Throwing rocks in to water! Entertained my boy for hours!


Holiday activities: Playing at a new playground


Holiday activities: Beach fishing


Holiday Activities: Jumping off platforms


Holiday activities: Playing chasey


Holiday activities: Blowing bubbles


Holiday activities: Frog catching after the rain


Holiday activities: Playing merman


Holiday activities: Building a driftwood shelter


Holiday activities: Bouncing pillow- how high can dad make the kids go using his weight?!


Holiday activities: Quad biking- free if your uncle owns a quad bike!


Holiday activities: Snorkelling


Holiday activities: Beach chess made from shells and a bath mat


Holiday activities: Underwater photography with a waterproof camera


Holiday activities: Exploring a gorge

A lot of these holiday activities can be free too, especially if you borrow gear from friends like we did!  I understand it may seem easier in the short term to let kids play on screens all day, but I'm certain that it will make life harder for everyone in the long run! I hope this inspires you reduce screen time in order to connect with your family, and to teach kids to be balanced. It is ok to say no to your kids when it is time to turn the screens off for the day! Don't be surprised if you get resistance at first. Every night the screens are off at our house and we play games with our kids before bed, like Old Maid, Memory Match, Balderdash, Scrabble, Pictionary, Monopoly Empire and of course chess!  Do you have any other ideas for activities that could replace screen time in your home?