Birthday Parties for Kids Under $100

With four kids, birthday parties could potentially cost me a fortune. My goal on my child’s birthday is that they feel happy, loved and have a great time! I aim to help them create memories that they can look back on and say ‘I’d give that day 10/10’. My kids each receive $100 for their birthday. This is their gift and they can do whatever they want with it- spend it, buy themselves a gift, save it for something, throw a party, etc. But there is only $100. Not $101. This teaches them responsibility, organisation and budgeting skills. If my goal is to make sure they have a happy day, this can easily be done with $100. In all reality it could be done with $0, but it is their birthday after all!

I ask them what they would like to do. I guide them and offer advice but it is their decision what they do and who is there. There is no obligation for them to have a family party, there is no obligation for them to bring cupcakes to school for everyone in the class, and there is no obligation for them to provide party bags, or feel like they have to please anyone. It only happens once a year!

How my kids have chosen to spend their $100 for their most recent birthdays:

Kale (8):

Timezone and McDonalds with one friend and Season’s Pass for the cricket to see the Scorchers

Rating by Kale: 20/10

Ashleya (10):

Waterslide fun at HBF Arena with three friends, ice cream cake and Season’s Pass for the Scorchers

Rating by Ashleya: 10/10

Jewel (6):

Ice skating at Xtreme Ice and Happy Meals with friends

Rating by Jewel: 10/10

Some party ideas from previous years:

Book Party

Teddy Bears Picnic

The Maze/ Outback Splash


Movie/pizza night at home

There are so many amazing parks that you can have parties at. No mess and they are FREE! A few of our favourites are:

Woodbridge Park, Midland

Naturescape, Kings Park

Annie’s Landing Playground Ellenbrook

Rainbow Waters Playground, Ellenbrook

Also, party rooms aren't necessary! When Ash went to the pools with her friends we didn't hire a party room. We just paid entry for her friends and then after a swim we bought them a pie, cookie and slushy from the kiosk. According to Ash, a 10/10 experience! When Jewel went ice skating a few days ago, she invited her three closest friends, paid for their entry and shouted them a Happy Meal afterward. This is Jewel's budget (which she carried around with her at party- so cute!):

$60 ice skating entry

$20 Happy Meals

$15 lollies

$5 an avocado (I know- random! But it is her birthday after all!)


Jewel gave her birthday party 10/10 too! I love parties and there is nothing wrong with throwing a big party if you can afford it and if your motives are healthy! We need to be mindful of what our goals are, because sometimes we’re unaware and they can be unhealthy, like: ‘I’m going to give my child all the things I didn’t get when I was a child’ or ‘I’m going to make sure that my child has the best party so that the other people there will think well of me’ or ‘I’m going to spend lots of money on my child so I no longer feel guilty about not spending time with them.’ These motives don’t have the child’s best interests at heart and lead to emotional overspending. Your kid has no idea what you missed in your childhood, therefore they will not appreciate you giving them the things that you missed out on! We should do things at a party because our children like them, not because of what others think. Have party bags because your child likes them, not because you’re worried about what people will think if you don’t.

Remember, birthday parties are about your child feeling loved and happy, and having an amazing day that they will remember. Your child’s birthday party is not about pleasing people, impressing people, other people, trying to make up for things you didn’t get as a child, or spending money you don’t have. Make it about your child and enjoy creating memories together! Imagine how much easier it will be for your child to live in the adult world if they have a great understanding of money from childhood! They won't get in to bad debt, can set themselves up for life and most importantly, pass this knowledge on to their children! What a gift that is!