How to Raise $20K for Charity

We have finally raised $20K for a World Vision Child Rescue Centre in Cambodia to save children from trafficking and slavery through my music! It feels AWESOME! But I I didn’t do it alone. I merely see myself as the coordinator and money collector! Firstly, I have a very supportive husband and wonderful kids! I’m so grateful to all the people who liked and shared my social media posts, who bought tickets to my performances, and bought my CDs. I couldn't have done this without you! And another big thank you goes to small businesses in Perth. So as you can see, it is not one person who just magically made this happen. It was the collective effort of a beautiful, supportive community.

We recently visited Karijini. It is the most incredible place in Western Australia. In fact, we met a lot of people there who had flown from Europe just to see it! The gorges are rated level 1 to level 5 in terms of difficulty. The last gorge we visited was Hancock Gorge, rated level 5 for experienced hikers. We had been in Karijini for a few days so we figured we technically were experienced from the previous few days of being there, so gave it a go with the kids! We had to trek through neck deep water, so we bought our kids a floaty for $20, while we were in the nearby town, to get through the deep water. It was challenging, but it was so much fun to journey through the gorge to get to the end, to ‘Kermit’s Pool’. It was exhilarating! There was a stop sign at the end of the pool where you weren’t allowed to venture any further without a guide (it became a level 6 tour from that point onward). We plan to go back and do a guided tour of the rest of the gorge as level 6 hikers!

It's easy to play it safe and stay in our comfort zone. But I know what will happen if I remain in a safe place. Nothing will change. No adventure. Mediocrity. Boredom. My biggest fear is getting to the end of my life and having regrets about the things I DIDN’T do! I want to LIVE life to the fullest and do it well! Sometimes you just have to take a risk and give it your best shot!

So if you have a goal, or a dream, just remember it is like going through a gorge at Karijini. A few steps in the right direction each day will get you there! If an obstacle comes up and you find yourself neck deep in water, get creative and if you are passionate enough you will find a way to get through it! If you have kids, take them on the journey with you! It doesn’t happen overnight! If you know you are on the right path, be persistent and keep going! Cheer yourself on! Surround yourself with people who believe in you and encourage you. Once you reach your goal, celebrate! Your next goal will be revealed to you! Your goals make your dreams a reality. Set goals and achieve them. Remember, there is no rewind. It’s not a rehearsal. This is it, your one and only life, so LIVE IT! What steps are you taking today to live the life of your dreams?

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the following people: for donating their time, talent, services, products and money:

Gemma from Pearsall Podiatry- house concert and donation

Vanessa and Neil from Square Lime designs- house concert, art raffle, and Vanessa  is my no.1 fan!

Lizelle, Michael, Hazel and Robyn from Moonburra Stay- house concert and donation

Jane from Creative Kids Art Club for donating a portion of sales from Art Kits

Hugh from Stellar Visions Photo and Video- videography at The Ellington

Pete Liddicoat from Visual Realty Productions- videography at The Ellington

Shenae Rose Photography- videographer for ‘You are my Home’ music video

Natascha Billington from Live life Photography for amazing photos of myself and my girls

Sandra’s Costumes, Creations and Alterations for All Occasions- handmade bride dress in music video

Jan Cartwright the florist aka my friend Chrystal’s mum- bouquet and flowers in music video

Corlia from Infinite Grace Creations- lending your daughter Claire to star in the music video

Corey James Photography- photography at House Concert in the Valley

Jennifer and Lyn at Business Women Australia- promoting my cause and endless support

Nordsvan family- House Concert in the Valley and awesome performance from Amy Nordsvan

Bernardine Music- my amazing sister for organising House Concert in the Valley and performing

Bourby and Gaetan at North Street Music- inviting me to sing at Song Lounge at The Ellington

Michael and Caroline from Taylor’s Art and Coffee House- venue of my album launch

Clare from Creatavision for publishing my story in the '16 Inspirational WA Women' book

Paperdolli Vintage for all the awesome recycled vintage outfits

Christin from Modere for hosting a house concert

Kat Wilson, Tracy Barnett and Madi Henry- beautiful singers at The Ellington shows

Cate Vose, Zac Carroll, Gav Carroll, and Sarah Prout for performing at my album launch

Candis Wren for selling the CDs at my album launch

Melissa Montiero from Younique for sponsoring my album launch

Jarrod and Teresa from The First Home project for getting my song ‘We Will Change the World’ on TV!

Trev Jalla for performing at my album launch and providing the awesome PA equipment

Sam Goerling and students at St Catherine’s College for fundraising with guess the lollies in the jar

Ian and Joanne from Sweetman Excavations for lending your horse for ‘Imagine this World’ video

Alison Cockayne for lending us the antique book in the ‘Imagine this World’ video

Natalie India for donating the rustic bath in the ‘Imagine this World’ video

Thanks for the mates rates guys!

Matt Bolt, John and Mary King- performing at the Norah Jones Tribute Show

Kirsty Russell- photography and design for my CD, flyers, and all round creative genius

Gav Carroll- filming ‘Imagine this World’ video

Ben Vanderwal- award winning percussionist/drummer who made my album sound amazing

Abby and Sarah Stevenson- singing beautifully at my album launch

Gaetan aka Naughty G- producing, mixing and recording ‘Knocking on the Shore’

Sharon Tremain Beauty and Body Treatments- make up

I performed at some special venues too, so thank you to:

Graham and the team at The Ellington Jazz Club

Greg at Rigby’s Bar

Chris and Sarah at The Sweet Remedy

I’m really sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone I know there are more people too! Please forgive me and send me a message and I will edit you in to this post! So, that is how you raise $20K for charity with kids! With the help of a heck of a lot of awesome, beautiful, supportive people! Together, we will change the world! Next goal is to visit the children at the Child Rescue centre in Cambodia! Can't wait!